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Wireless foot switch. Compatible with models using the C-Monster operating system only. Hands-free operation of one, or both of your Power-Pole anchors. Includes speed control and independent/dual control capability.

Power Pole Wireless Foot Switch Advanced - CM1

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Selection and control of single or dual Shallow Water Anchors
    • Unique design allows batteries to be changed without the need for removing mounting hardware
    • Individually mountable switches allow for complete customization of deck layout
    • Automatic Up/Down
    • Includes batteries and necessary mounting hardware
    • Waterproof
    • Length - 3.5"
    • Width - 3.2"
    • Height - 1"
    • Weight - .66 lbs
  • Model  Raptor and Talon Wireless Stomp Switch - Bluetooth 
    Product Code  1810253 
    UPC  0029402048816 
    As shown MSRP  $104.99 
    Warranty  Two-Year Warranty
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