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Quiet by name, powerful by design, the new Lowrance Ghost freshwater trolling motor helps anglers fish longer, run faster and move in closer without spooking fish. Ghost’s revolutionary propulsion technology and brushless motor generates the most thrust and the longest run time of any trolling motor on the market. With integrated Lowrance sonar options, GPS anchoring and a three-year warranty, there’s no reason not to believe in Ghost.

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Available as 47”, 52” or 60” shaft sizes for all types of freshwater fishing (60 inch also includes Trolling Motor Remote).


Pick the sonar technology for the way you fish from Lowrance CHIRP, SideScan, DownScan Imaging and ActiveTarget Live sonar.


Ghost’s powerful and precise anchoring lets you anchor your boat on a waypoint, at your current location or anywhere on the map – regardless of wind conditions – so you can spend more time fishing and less time maintaining your position.

Plug-and-Play Lowrance Sonar

Own Your Spot


Sonar Integration

For high-detail views below your boat with excellent clarity and target separation, the HDI nosecone packaged with Ghost is the perfect solution. Or upgrade to the optional Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 nosecone for picture-like views below, to the side and the full 360 around your boat. Add ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar for the ultimate real time fishing experience, with forward, down and scout views. 

Download the latest software and discover Ghost 360.


Interference Free

Ghost Propulsion Technology not only runs quieter than common brushed motors, but emits zero electromagnetic interference, ensuring the clearest, interference-free sonar views.


Fly-By-Wire Steering

Ghost’s unique fly-by-wire steering gives anglers the feel and response of a cable-steer trolling motor, but without the mechanical cables that wear out over time.


Configurable Foot-pedal

Set up the Ghost foot pedal the way you want, moving the Flip Switch to the side of the pedal you prefer and programming the pedal’s integrated shortcut keys with the functions you use most – from saving waypoints to raising and lowering your Power-Pole Shallow-Water Anchor. You can easily monitor your battery life with the integrated battery level indicator and switch to Anchor or Heading mode with only the tap of your foot.


Flexible Installation

Designed with every angler in mind, the Ghost trolling motor is built to be compatible with any boat set up. Anglers can easily integrate Ghost into 24- or 36-volt systems without having to make any charger or battery upgrades.


360-Degree Breakaway Mount

The 360-degree breakaway mount is designed to take the brunt of any impacts and will automatically realign itself once clear of impacted structure. An integrated stabilizer bar reduces bouncing when on plane in rough water.


Easy to Stow and Go

Easier to launch and stow than any other trolling motor, Ghost has a dual-action gas spring to help push the trolling motor off the deck for launch. It also cushions the motor and auto aligns itself when stowing to lie flat on the mount.

Disclaimer: All claims made on Ghost capabilities are based on internal testing results undertaken against market leading trolling motors as of June 2019.

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