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The Raptor and Talon Wireless Stomp Switch allows for hands free control of your Minn Kota shallow water anchor. Control one or two anchors independently or simultaneously. Large target, individually mountable arrow indicators conserve space. Battery removal and installation can be completed without removal of mounting hardware. Requires Talon software version 1.460 or newer, or Raptor software version 1.210 or newer. Update your software at

Minn Kota Raptor and Talon Wireless Stomp Switch - Bluetooth

SKU: 1810253
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Selection and control of single or dual Shallow Water Anchors
    • Unique design allows batteries to be changed without the need for removing mounting hardware
    • Individually mountable switches allow for complete customization of deck layout
    • Automatic Up/Down
    • Includes batteries and necessary mounting hardware
    • Waterproof
    • Length - 3.5"
    • Width - 3.2"
    • Height - 1"
    • Weight - .66 lbs
  • Model  Raptor and Talon Wireless Stomp Switch - Bluetooth 
    Product Code  1810253 
    UPC  0029402048816 
    As shown MSRP  $104.99 
    Warranty  Two-Year Warranty
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